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P90X2 Preview: Don’t Try This At Home… Yet!

P3 (Peak Performance Project) just sent over some videos of their athletes doing some of the movements you’re going to see in P90X2. Here one to whet your appetite on what to expect for your results during phase III of X2. Perhaps a little exaggerated, especially what you see what the last guy–college baseball player Crosby Slaught–is doing. Wow.

This might hurt to look at right now. As our bodies age and break down explosive movements become more and more challenging. P90X2 will build you back up to where you will be able to not only once again handle heavy plyometric forces but have them feel good. You may not be able to match the explosiveness of a 6’5” 200lb college junior, but you will feel a lot younger than when you started.

Here’s what P3 has to say on the importance of skater movements:

Learn to do this movement and you will feel and look more athletic than ever. Dr. Elliott and P3 Performance Specialists test and employ skaters (lateral plyometrics) with all of their athleticism (sports that require a combination of power factors: quickness, speed, explosiveness, etc) athletes, as they have been scientifically proven to improve lower body power, multi planar speed, and challenge hip and trunk stability.

Why I say don’t try this at home, yet, is important. Many of us can handle this motion right now but you always want to be careful when doing 100% effort plyometrics. As most of you know we use plyometric movements in all of our advanced workout programs. However, we never do them at 100% like we will in phase III of P90X2. They may feel 100% to you but we’ve always strategically added volume in order to keep your intensity at bay. You are about to enter a new realm….


  • Can hardly wait!

  • Bring it!!!!!

  • Bring it!!!!!!

  • Hey Steve,I know there are a ton of variables from person to person, but have these workouts being used in p90x2 led to some pretty dramatic increases in vertical leap? I play basketball and it seems like these would be very beneficial for someone who would love to dunk someday. Thanks!

  • Very!

  • Hey Steve,When you say that Beachbody programs have not used 100% plyo moves yet, are you including Insanity and Asylum? If so, what makes the 100% of X2 different from the other programs? Thanks! Tim

  • Time. So far all the explosive movements we've done have been for time, which reduces the amount of force you can use. Asylum, particularly, inadvertanty requires 100% output at times because you're too broken down to do any reps, much less the 30-60 second objective, but that's not be design. The PAP complexes will have to using 100% focus on explosion and rebound force.

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