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P90X2 Rehearsals

We just wrapped shooting day 1 of P90x mc2 (name still pending) and it went amazingly well. But there’s no time to relax as we shoot two workouts tomorrow and will have the entire program in the can before the end of next week. With so much work there’ s precious little time for taking photos, not to mention blogging (though I noticed our CEO Twitted a mid-workout vid cap even though we’ve a staunch “no photos on set” rule), so I’m not sure how many updates I’ll be making–but you might consider following Carl.

Last week our producer Heather (of the not-yet-but-soon-to-be famous “Church wrap”) and I snapped a few camera phone shots of our rehearsals. These aren’t good photos but when you see the final set and action it might be kind of cool to compare that to some down and dirty behind the scenes shots.

pics: below, tony and steve holmsen experiment with some band modifications. you’re going to be blow away by how hard you can work in a hotel room with a band. above, if you want a shirt like i’m wearing you need to finish this program. maybe i’m lying… or not.

below, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with some bands, light weights, and some instability. but don’t get to thinking that’s all there is. our rehearsal space couldn’t find large enough dumbells for this crew.

demonstrating the “edwards variation”, which may or may not make it into the final cut. doesn’t help that this is the last movement of the final complex series of the coup de grâce workout of the program. ouch.

day one went well, duh! have a look at this cast: the stars of P90x plus and a human pogo stick named roberto.


  • Hm, it looks like a lot more equipment is involved. Try to keep the variations in that enable people with only the P90X equipment to continue to use the programme (like "edwards variation") seems to).Most of us put a lot of money into BB programmes as it is, and I wouldn't want you to forget your market is "home fitness" when you start adding weird steppy-uppy things for plyocide — not just the cost of purchasing something new, but the practicality of using such a steppy-uppy thing in a house… with a roof.. as opposed to a giant warehouse studio.

  • Everything has an alternative. Either nothing or a household item. There's a "hotel room" modification for everything and all mods are effective.

  • That's fantastic. Glad to see you'll be solving problems some people had with X too, with the "hotel variations"!Really looking forward to it — especially the new Ab Ripper X! And hopefully a shorter Yoga X ;)Btw, any news on that Power 90 remake we heard MegaMace got a few months back?

  • I'm extremely relieved for the 'hotel room' modification, as I may be taking a job requiring more travel-I would be extremely concerned about getting a proper workout in on the road. To paraphrase Tony, "you guys think of everything!" =]

  • Will a mini-fridge for post workout beer be required equipment?

  • What is that step thing and what does it cost? Can I use basketballs for the pushups? I've already started that and love it.

  • Great pics and post. I am pumped about this next workout your sooooo lucky 😉

  • In the photo where the "kids" are doing leaning "Y" flys, is that Bobby Stevenson on the right from P90X?

  • I know I'm in the minority here, but I think YogaX should stay at 90 minutes. Makes it a challenging workout, and alot of us don't mind doing 90 minutes of yoga. If you think it's too long, you can always shorten it.

  • I know I'm in the minority, but I say keep Yoga X at 90 minutes -keeps the workout challenging and some of us like 90 minutes of yoga. If you think its too long you can always modify.

  • Thanks and I really hope the name changes. MC2 is not my favorite at all, for what its worth.

  • 1.) A box jump is easily over $100. 2.) A stability ball $30-45. 3.)Those medicine balls or whatever they are $20-40. 4.) Foam rollers $30-40. Seriously…… $200 in equipment on top of the $140 for the program?I love P90X, but can we put out a sequel that doesn't break the bank?

  • I'll give an in depth post on equipment soon.

  • this blog gets me so pumped. i just started p90x again yesterday in anticipation and i'm loving it. this post seriously makes me want to convert a room in my house into a gym haha

  • Looking fit steve. Is that the studio?

  • Is that Traci Morrow?? If so, are any other coaches shooting? Love to see coaches!

  • what order should you recommend to trainer to P90x series ?classic – lean – doulbes – mc2 ?

  • So your guys are sold on stability balls recruiting more muscle fibres etc Im still not sure if the evidence is definitive or in favor of it. I wonder if there are any people or articles you would recommend looking up to better understand your position on this? Thanks Steve

  • Not recruiting more muscle fibers. We'll do that using postactivation potentiation. Instability is to help fire stabilizer muscles and improve biomechanics and control. You get stable, then strong, then powerful.

  • As far as I'm concerned, money shouldn't be the biggest issue with equipment. In the long term, it's an investment that will be worth the price tag and then some some (a lot). Moreover, in the long haul, it will probably be cheaper than a gym membership. I'm a jobless college student with no money, but I will make sure I save up and find a way to get what I need to improve my health, fitness, life, etc.

  • Ok stabilizer muscles, that makes sense.

  • I for one am glad to see you guys working in new equipment. The incraesed intensity is a huge plus. It also keeps things fresh, new and interesting.Any details on the pullup assist? This looks really interesting. Pullups are my nemesis (i mean, "I presently struggle with pullups" lol)Hopefully it works with all sorts pullup bars because the P90x pullup bar design doesn't work in my house.

  • Hmm…wish there was more "fresh meat" involved. I mean, who wants to see the same faces over and over when you have to work out 6 days a week on a DVD.

  • Great point about the benefits of doing push-ups on medicine or balance balls. I wonder also. On another note after being extremely satisfied with Volumes 1 and 2 of One On One I became disappointed with the 3rd volume and canceled it mid way. The previous volumes were so good I actually use many of them as supplements or substitutes. Volume 3 as the precursor to MC2 is less focused and I'm not so sure it is a good preview of things to come. Hope 1-on-1 goes back to the previous format and that MC2 has been tweaked significantly. Thanks!

  • Thanks for all your comments. In addition to the usual p90x stuff, I've been acquiring some of the equipment that I've heard is in MC2. Two questions: 1. What size of plyo box should I get, and 2. Are bands necessary if I already have dumbbells?

  • I posted on gear a couple of weeks ago so check that out. You don't really need a plyo box, though if you have one you could use it–18" would be about right for most people. Bands will be useful in the program. At least one medium strength. I use, along with dumbells, an assortment of three bands and some theraband for the NIS stetching. Not necessary but helpful for sure.

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