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P90X2: The Next Revolution

For your weekend entertainment, here are a couple of P90X2 teasers. First a short video of Marcus explaining post-activation potentiation to our coaches at the Beachbody Summit—check out his struggle to speak in laymen terms, where he still confuses the audience. Probably would have helped if he’d just said, “the process is to recruit higher threshold muscle cell motor units” like I do in this webinar, where Tony Horton introduces P90X2 with me doing the color commentary. With Tony on stage I always feel like Ed McMahon, laughing down at the edge of the couch. Someone ought to get me a Budweiser (ok, so this jokes a little old, but, seriously, has any talk show second fiddle come close to matching the Carson era?)

P90X2: The Next Revolution (click here for the webinar. It’s over an hour pour yourself some Shakeology, or a martini if Ed’s inspired you.)

Since the Friday Psyche is provided for outdoor athletes, it’s important for all of you to know that we’ve made a home exercise program that will help you improve at your own particular esoteric pursuits. This program, far more than anything before it, is geared towards improving sports performance more than aesthetics. You are going to want it.


  • Woo woo I ordered yesterday 🙂

  • Me too….. ordered it yesterday !!!

  • Ordered mine yesterday !!!

  • I love how professional athletes use a program like P90X. I have some friends that pitch in the major league and my fitness level is better than theirs.

  • Conan and Andy are very funny as well, but I think they would be the first ones to pay homage to Johnny & Ed.

  • Steve, how is this different than P90X+? I've seen that program, and to be completely honest, it was a little underwhelming.This looks promising and much better.

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