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Peaks and Valleys

pics: Bob, Sandee, Ratso and Bobby (Taste of the Valley manager) working on the first few tastings. Sandee somewhere on Figueroa mtn road and finishing her last Peep.

While illness has had me in a deep valley, my girlfriend has been peaking. In a three week span, Sandee did her Birthday Challenge (riding Figeuroa–37miles, 3,700′ of elevation gain, swim 3700 meters, 37 boulder problems, and running 37 miles while tasting 37 wines and eating 37 Peeps) which she warmed up for with a relay race where she ran most of three continuous legs (about 25 miles) because her teammate couldn’t keep up with her on a mtn bike to run his leg, then warmed down with a 4 hour run over rugged terrain, with me, and with one day’s rest a 50k trail race with 5,000′ of elevation gain. It was one of those weird birthday challenge combos that’s hard to appreciate.

You can read about it when she gets around to finishing her blog:

Sandee’s Challenge

I, on the other hand, have been trying to get rid of some neverending virus and have a 50 mile race in the desert coming up in a few days. Hmmmm….

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