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Performance Enhancing Your Lifestyle

Interesting article on the wires today about doping, and how it’s not just for sports but a way of American life. Here’s an excerpt:

Delaware senator Joe Biden did in 2004 during a hearing on drugs in sports, “There is something simply un-American about [using PEDs]!”

But it’s not un-American. It’s entirely American, that search for an edge, that effort to be all you can be, that willingness to push the envelope. That’s what Andy Pettitte was doing when he took HGH. That’s what Debbie Clemens was doing when she took HGH. That’s what male collegiate cheerleaders are doing when they bulk up on anabolic steroids so they can lift more weight, or more female cheerleaders, according to author Kate Torgovnick in her new book, Cheer! That’s what a rapper is doing when he receives a package of PEDs at his hotel. That’s what Schwarzenegger was doing when he loaded himself with steroids years ago. That’s what Kevin and Peggy Hart are doing in the privacy of their bedroom with their HGH and their “test,” now as familiar a morning ritual as tea and toast.

And here’s a link to the entire article:

Steroids in America: The Real Dope

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