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Plyocide: Up Close and Personal

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Seriously, Plyocide is the best name for a workout I’ve ever heard. I’m not sure which one of our crew coined it but I wish it were me. Marcus’ first comment was “I haven’t had a chance to look this over yet but love the name.”

If you’ve got the One on One dvd you’ve got a pretty good idea of the moves involved but we’ve re-cut the workout so that you’ll hardly recognize it, and not only because Tony’s black eye has healed. Many of the movements to this workout came from a guy nicknamed “the dunkmaster” because he claims that he can teach anybody to dunk. Given that, along with the most perfect workout title ever, we felt a burden of responsibility to create a masterpiece.

I thought we had one on my first run-through, which was brutal. But we kept tweaking until we were sure, and this was confirmed yesterday at our first live showing of the re-mastered, re-edited Plyocide. Beachbody’s own Steph Saunders (Advice Staff Too on the Message Boards and creator of “the Saunders Cycle” in 90X Kenpo) stated, “I’d done the One on One version a few times and found it kind of light, but this utterly destroyed all of us.”

Plyocide, you’re now ready for your close-up.


  • I am frightened by that last quote.Can't wait.

  • I am fired up for this workout. Been rocking the One on One version each week since it came out, improving!

  • So how DID he get his black eye?

  • That's a trade secret. We like to keep the lore around it circulating.

  • I agree with the name. It's legit.

  • Were many/any of these moves taken from the Insanity ply workouts?Looks awesome.

  • All I can is YIKES… I love Tony Horton and I love Torture.. Can't wait!

  • So, what IS the "SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND (TM)"?Sorry, old joke. It's cool you guys are keeping the lore going. :)I love Plyocide! I much prefer Jack in the Box Knee Tucks over regular Jump Knee Tucks. Can't wait to see how the program has been tweaked!Random thought: How about renaming Phelan Twist from ARX2 to The Straight Jacket? It looks like you are in one when you do that exercise. :)Keep up the great work on MC2! Can't wait to start killing myself with Plyocide MC2!


  • Its like P90X meets GymJones, and not just withe the name…

  • I'm glad the workout will change. I was SOOO disappointed when I did the One on One Plyocide routine. I thought for sure it would be twice as tough as Plyometrics – instead it was maybe 80% as tough.

  • This sounds GREAT! Question about the re-cut – is this something no one will see until MC2 is officially released, or will the One on One subscribers get the new version before then?

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