December 3, 2015 posted by The Fitness Impresario

The Process

The Process

Looks like I’m going to have to migrate the site to another platform, or something, but in the mean time I’ll keep posting and maybe I’ll figure out what all these hackers did to the place. Anyway, today I’ll post a rad vid by Nei Gresham training for a project. While it’s climbing specific, the process he’s referring to is ubiquitous. Life’s better when you have things you’re passionate about working towards.

“It’s such good fun, I almost don’t want it to be over. I just love being so involved.
– Neil Gresham

Neil Gresham’s Freakshow from Polished Project on Vimeo.

Here we see Gresham training for a route way above his head, at least at first. It’s such a cool thing to  do; begin trying something that’s nothing more than a pipe dream only to chip away at it over time  until it becomes a reality. I feel very, very sorry for people who don’t experience this type of process in their lives.  I mean, we all did as kids. It’s what growing up is. But it’s sad when we lose it as adults. Get yourself a project. It makes like awesome.

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