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Psyche: Kids (For Hassan)

I’ve got to say the Interweb is pretty cool. I run across a lot of inspiring articles and videos that it wouldn’t have been possible back in the day I was doin’ stuff when we relied on such artifacts as film, slide projectors, and live audiences. Since I feel that psyche is such an integral part of what makes us, well, us, I’m starting a series of motivational pieces from things I find in cyberspace.

Hassan is beginning his Workout From Hell program today so I’m kicking it off with a short Mammut video of some Euro kids who climb harder than almost everyone. I’ve picked this because Hassan is younger than all of them and just began climbing. Hey, man, this could be you in a few years.

It does make me feel a bit old. Seeing vids like this reminds me that climbing is a game of youth, something I often tend to ignore. More and more it’s trending, like gymnastics, to where its top protagonists are often well under legal drinking age. A cool thing about climbing is that, unlike gymnastics, those of us a bit long in the tooth can enjoy pretty much the same adventures as those at the top of the sport. The holds we use are just bigger. Someday I’m heading back to Rumney and taking the whip at the top of Predator, just like these kids. Hassan, you should join me.


  • wow steve, very humble guy, thanks for the shout out. These climbers are the best of the best in the youth category, It would be fun to go to New Hampshire and try these routes possibly with you in a few years!Again thanks for the shout out, Got my motivation to train harder for Day 1 of WFH.

  • I just did my first workout from hell session last night after getting home from a day out climbing. It is very true what you say, i feel great until i get to about 18 or 19 then it gets hard. Today I definately feel sore but motivated for another day of it!Seeing the clip from vision quest really motivated me, ive ben training and climbing pretty hard the last years then seeing this clip reminded me that when i wrestled in highschool i was training ten times harder than I have ever trained for climbing. If i can apply that kind of training to climbing and my fitness now i should see a bit improvement in my climbing.

  • Hassan did his first workout too. You can trade notes.We used to watch Vision Quest whenever we felt like we were getting soft and needed to start a new program (or simply stop eating to lose weight, which is about the best climbing training when you get right down to it).It's not about the six minutes, kid. It's what happens in those six minutes.

  • So, we can expect a blog about ballet soon, right? 😉

  • Largo is indeed smart but nuts, the pain is beyond imaginable. I tried to not rest between sets and by set 6 I was burned out. You need to rest at least 30 seconds or you can burn out very quick. Today's chest and back was good, but I had to decrease the sets (less time available to train). Still never incorporate pull ups as the back exercise for phase 1, By the time you get to them, 30 is an insane number.Still pretty good program, Most fun I ever had when training.Just train for the hell of it and then train some more 🙂

  • But it's good pain, no? I love it!I was resting for one minute between sets, mas o menos but close. It may seem long early in the workout but it seems like nothing near the end. I think trying for 30 seconds is too short. Getting good sets is more important than short rests at this point. I do assisted pull-ups with a chair. No way to do 30 (ha, that's about all I can do max when fit). I do push-ups from my knees, too, and use super light weight. I'm still using these assists in block two (though not for all the reps)!

  • Prima, hmmm, send me some good ballet stuff and if I'm inspired then yes. I actually do watch ballet. And opera. But no one who's seen my feet (or my van) would ever call me a metrosexual.

  • oh it's good pain, but you are at the point where you don't know if you are laughing with joy or crying from the burn at the end of the last set 🙂 It's like a combo

  • Alright! I'm on it! 🙂

  • new to me, but still interesting!

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