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Psyched on Yoga?

If you’re like me, 2012 has started in a rudely-hectic manner. Maybe it’s the triple whammy of condensed work weeks but, however you stack it up, I’m in need of some early-week Psyche to help both calm my mind and get after it physically. Henceforth I present yoga by Equinox.

Think of this next time Yoga X is kicking your butt, and anytime you doubt the ability of yoga to make you strong, fit, or look good. Think of how effortlessly Briohny Smyth makes, well, everything look-—including some very burly movements. I’m pretty sure I’ve increased my strength, balance, and fluidity just by watching. Reminds me of my friend Micah’s comment on the merits of regular yoga practice for rock climbing, “yoga is like cheating for climbers.”


  • I can has yoga gurl?

  • I'm pretty sure that I just read that Yoga will injure you faster than just about anything else. I suggest you do something safer, like watching tv.

  • Very nice…

  • beautiful and inspiring!

  • I wish I could do that!

  • Beautiful!

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