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Race Report: Carnage At E100

It’s time to finally get my report up. The E100 is one of the hardest single-day mtn bike races in the world. Its profile looks difficult enough on paper, with 100 miles and somewhere between 16,000 and 18,000′ of climbing, but the true difficult is the nature of the racing. It’s almost all single track. Much of it is windy and technical and slow. Over the 100 miles course there are only a few short points where you can relax on your bike. Mainly, you’re paying close attention the entire time.

The bike decision

All summer I’d been riding my single speed. However, I didn’t feel like I could finish 100 miles on it, at least not this particular 100. The week before the race I did two loops on the most technical part of the course with my ss and my light, geared, 26″ Fetish Seduction. I was much faster on the Fetish. Furthemore, I felt like I was using a lot less energy.

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