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Re-Live Your Insane Youth

Sitting here working on the next round of Insanity: Asylum workouts inspired me to post this video for the Friday Psyche. It was made by one of our coaches highlighting the results from a group challenge. It’s pretty amazing what a few psyched individuals can achieve in 30 days.

As an athlete Asylum workouts resonate more than anything else in our line-up for pure fun factor. It’s probably because they’re a lot like sports practice was back in the day. And even though I’m sure I complained about miserably-hard practice like these as much as my teammates, in retrospect it was a rollicking good time.

I always used to describe the P90X/Insanity relationship as X being training for the sport of Insanity. This is doubly true for the X2/Asylum relationship. P90X2 is what you’d do in the deep off-season to change your body and specifically target weaknesses. Asylum is like Hell Week; what you’d do just before the start of the season to bring your fitness to a peak. And as nasty as Hell Week felt at the time in my memory all they conjure up are smiles.

Get busy people. You can re-live your youth with Asylum.


  • Pure Amazing! I've done P90x and Insanity twice, I have to do Asylum!


  • Asylum = best Beachbody program ever created, fact!

  • Anything you can share on the next round of Asylum will be very welcome.I was also interested in your comments on Insanity versus X and Asylum versus X2. I've completed all the workouts of these programs and now do hybrids. I'd love to see you post about how to create hybrids from the four workouts, going beyond the usual "alternate strength and cardio".

  • I've written a series of articles on this. Google my name and hybrid workouts, P90X, Insanity. Also duirng the last year and a half or so this blog's been covering all sorts of X2/Asylum training, both alone and together. Click on the labels. I don't use them together too much because I like to train systematically and do a lot of sports specific work. So I do X2 in phases (I no longer use X workouts as I'll always opt for instabiity now). I do PAP in phases and I use Asylum when I'm already training hard and need fill-in workouts.

  • Okay, that was some pretty good results and I felt similar improvements when I did Asylum in the Fall, but that music was so over the top…But, yea, I think Asylum is my favorite program too.~R

  • Just finished Asylum last week – what a great program!Any hints on what might be in the next round of Asylum workouts? Maybe some martial arts inspired exercises? (hint, hint)Seriously, I'm already sold on it… starting the Insanity/Asylum hybrid this week.

  • no hints yet. maybe when the workouts are finalized…

  • no hints yet. maybe when the workouts are finalized…

  • Omg, I would love to do it as well, I just got done with Insanity just got my T-shirt!!!

  • Any date, yet, on an Asylum volume 2 release date!! Sooooo excited!!!

  • Would be really curious to hear if Marcus Elliott/P3 will have input in the Asylum series similar to what he had with p90x 2. I loved Asylum V1, and I love X2, and P3 seems like a match made in heaven with the sports training modality of Asylum.

  • Funny in that I was just writing on this very thing. There is some. Shaun visited P3 and worked with Marcus for a while and there is definitely some P3-inspired movemets in Vol2. But it won't be as systematic as X2 as Asylum is a shorter program (30 days) so we have to be wary of overtraining the central nervous system. Therefore you won't see any big complexs like X2 has. Will be hard–maybe it will feel harder–but it won't cause the massive system adjustments that X2 will make.

  • When will you guys be looking to pick cast members for the new asylum? I would love to volunteer 🙂

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