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Really Long Runs/Adventures/Records

Really Long Runs/Adventures/Records

I guess this sorta thing looks crazy to most people but when I read it, my palms sweat, my heart races, and I begin to concoct ways in my head to shave off time. So many adventures out there. This one’s in my backyard, so I may have to give it a shot this summer.Congrats to all those out “pushing the hairy edge”. It’s not about the records; it’s all the the adventure.

John Muir Trail Trip Report

Checking on that ‘record,’ someone else had the same idea. it’s been smashed. Here’s a good piece on the stuff I do. This is all running, making it more digestable for the masses than my stuff that usually includes more esoteric activities like climbing. But make no mistake; these people are part of my tribe.

“I hope that no one going for one of these records gets so caught up in the attempt that they miss the joy to be found in the wilderness. The power of wild places to transform one’s spirit is more valuable than all the records in the book.”

Trail Running Records and Personalities

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