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Recovering From Relaxing

Ah, it feels sublime to be tired and sore when you’ve gotten that way from activity. And when I get time to relax pretty much all I do is exercise. After ten days of gettin’ after it I lied in bed til nearly 8am, deciding after numerous false starts that my aching muscles needed a few more moments on snooze. Phase one of my year is in the books and now it’s time to play a bit while I decide what’s going to come next.

near lee’s ferry.

the type of nav reading that makes me happy.

My schedule over the last ten days, generally, had me up by 5:30 and working ‘til it was warm enough to head out. Then climbing, riding, hiking, running, or driving until it got dark, followed by dinner and, finally, more work until my eyes would no longer stay open—usually by around 10.

my mobile office.

trails around sedona.

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t relax like most people. I’m not getting out as much as I once did so, when I’m on the road, I try and cram in as much into each day as possible. Over the last ten days I’ve ridden six new (for me) trail systems, gone to six new climbing areas, driven 2,000 miles, done one national championships race, and managed not to fall too far behind on work. In fact, it’s due to work I’m home now because there was more on the agenda. My computer died Tuesday night, prompting cancellation of this weekend’s little Grand Canyon sufferfest, and forcing me to high tail it home instead.

room with a view in tucson.

putting on my best special agent dale cooper impersonation at mom’s, in salina. ‘once a day, every day, give yourself a present…’

So now I’m back at the morning ritual: sitting on the computer, slowly sipping coffee, Finnegan by my side asking repeatedly if I’m ready to get outside yet. Today he’s going to have to wait longer than normal. But with temperatures on the rise, some good winter fitness in the bank, and longer days ahead I will be making this up to him. I don’t think he believes me.


  • Looks like a great trip. Arizona is the shit.

  • What's with all the gears on the bike? You some kind of pansy?

  • Pull this death trap over and I'll show you.

  • Rode my rigid ss today. Didn't miss the gears but felt rattled silly without the springs. Maybe it's time I retired.

  • I think Josh has a sproingy thing on the front of his SS now, right? So I get to leave mine on for the Utah trip, right? Otherwise I guess I can go full rigid, but I think it might be a little rough on the arms. Then again it might be like one of those old fashion workout machines that just shakes your flab around…

  • It felt exactly like one of those one workout things. I can't believe I used to ride rigid all the time. Tempting to put a fork back on but think I'll just try and get used to it instead. But I dunno. If you guys er bringing springs I might too.

  • Yeah, i got a sproingy thing up front now. not convinced it's the bee's knees, but I'm not gonna go buy a rigid fork to put on.Either ones of yous fancy pants brings a bike with gears though . . . and I'll have the Dane make it right.

  • Pat's going to bring a geared bike with a sproingy thing on it but we can get drunk and stick the derailleur in a good middle gear for him.

  • You sure have an interesting life

  • InsaneXer,Yours could be too. It's easy to do. Just go do it. I know lots of ordinary folks who have made a choice not to be ordinary and that's about all it takes. Once you have the will you will figure out the way.

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