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Ride More. Work Less.

Lone Wolf Matt Hunter from Bike magazine on Vimeo.

Since it’s full on hippie biking season here are a couple of vids for your Friday Psyche. Both are inspiring in one way or another. The first stokes the fire for some overnight riding advenutures and the second makes me happy with most of the choices I’ve made in life. Mainly, they just make me want to get out on the trails on my bike. The weather’s perfect. The trails are in perfect condition. I think it’s time to turn off this machine and do just that. Happy Friday!


  • This isn't exactly in the same spirit as your videos but I thought you might find it interesting:

  • If you've got 15 minutes – check out this video. A birthday challenge for the greater good:

  • Macaskill is amazing and has been on the Friday Psyche twice before. I like this video even more:

  • That's awesome, Lee! Thanks for sharing. I'll put it on birthday challenge if I ever get around to updating it.

  • Very cool vids. He was waaaaay more casual upon seeing the Griz than I would have been.Only 1 beer after a ride? He must not read your blog.Since it's Monday A.M. in southern China, I am super psyched. THanks.Lung Fung Tsao

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