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Rock Tasting

“People go to France to taste wine. I came to England to taste rock.”– Caroline Cialvaldini

In need of a some Psyche to get your Monday going? Thanks Hot Aches productions for making their film, The Odyssey, is available to download from free for the next week by going here.

The Odyssey follows four climbers on a tour to some of England’s most history trad climbing locations. This means, aside from a lot of varied and beautiful scenery, in lieu of the standard crank-o-philia associated with most climbing vids you get your trad on with a heaping dose of scary.

The crew, all world-class (professional) climbers, take Joe Brown’s “if ya didn’t fall off you must not ‘av climbed anything ‘ard then” philosophy to the hilt and take to the air regularly. They all have amazingly good heads, laughing where average climbers tend to freak out, but the seriousness of what they’re doing still comes out in subtle ways. It’s a very different look at climbing than what’s played up in the media. Truly scary falls are somewhat rare in climbing films. If you miss that aspect, this is film for you.


  • Really frickin' cool film.

  • Just finished The Odyssey. Makes me want to do more trad climbs.

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