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Running, Coffee, & Cancer

Apparently I’m not going to be dying of prostate cancer anytime soon. Running and coffee have been two of my life’s cornerstones pretty much since I’ve been an adult, if not some time before. Now, according to two studies on nearly 50,000 men, that puts me into a very low risk group. But wait, there’s more!

Caffeine gets all the glory for coffee acheivers but that wasn’t the catalyst here. “Caffeine in coffee doesn’t seem to be the link, since the same reduction was seen for consumption of decaffeinated coffee,” states the researcher, Kathryn M. Wilson, a research fellow in epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. “It has something to do with insulin and glucose metabolism. A number of studies have found that coffee is associated with a reduced risk of diabetes.” But before you run off to grab a pound of Tanzanian peaberry wait, there’s even more!

Wilson goes on to say that there is a clear relationship between the amount of coffee consumed and prostate cancer risk. “The more coffee you drank, the more we saw,” is how she put it, to be precise, which bodes very very well for me. So you might want to make that two pounds. In fact, I think I’ll take a little run down to the coffee house right now.

You can read the entire article here:

Coffee, Exercise Fight Prostate Cancer


  • I'd follow the link to the article but I'm waiting for it to come out as the cover story in Time magazine.

  • You know, I always try to tell my Mormon boyfriend about all these studies showing various benefits of coffee and he still insists that the tanic acid in it is bad for your stomach and it's just terrible to drink it. This is said as he's drinking Mountain Dew.

  • Time will probably leave the exercise part out of their article.

  • There's a simple Mormon problem with coffee; the church owns no stock in it. Soda with caffeine was verbotten, too, until the LDS picked up some shares in Coca-Cola causing God to send everyone a new message. Now the evil liquid isn't based on the caffeine, but that it's warm caffeine. You've just gotta love the Mormons; capitalistic to the point of insanity. No wonder Glenn Beck came to see the light as an adult with a muddling career. He'd found his chosen people.

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