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Running In The Snow

I’ve found a new sport: snow running (like I really need more options around here). Our trail system stays in place during the winter, at least the main ateries, and you can pretty much access all of the peaks and canyons. After a couple of slogs up stuff in my Gor-tex boots, I decided it was overkill and reverted back to my running shoes, with Yaktracks added for traction.

With my new found ability to cover heaps of soft ground I’m actually thinking that the winter might be the best time of year to get a lot of base mileage. I think it’ll add ten years on to my body’s ability to run.

Perhaps even more important, it’s adding to Tuco’s ability to run. At 12, he’s slowed quite a bit. I can’t really run with him at all on streets anymore and, even on trails, it’s purely aerobic training only. In deep snow, however, he smokes me, at least downhill. I think that because there’s little pounding on his well-used joints he feels like a puppy again. It’s fantastic.

A typical day has us both putting in a two to six miles, usually with a lot of elevation gain. Then the old man takes a powder while I head out for another loop or, perhaps, a ski. My base is starting to come and, more importantly, nothing hurts.

I was thinking yesterday that it’s so fun I’m going to have trouble getting used to running on hard ground and that all those rocks in Moab next month might be kinda rugged if I don’t make myself do something different.

Today is on-snow demo day at OR. Good times…

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