January 26, 2007 posted by

Sandbagging the Rat

Me n’ Ratso headed up to Sundance this week to see a couple of friends and, let me tell ya, Tuco loves film festivals; especially when they’re heald in the snow. He’s a very social animal, which comes from growing up in Isla Vista (college town) where he could roam and socialize at will. At Sundance, he was king. At one event he made himself the official greeter. As he welcomed a van full of actors to their premier, they’d each say ‘hi'(or woof), pet him, and ask if he was the official dog of Sundance. On that day, he pretty much was.

It also didn’t hurt things that Park City is dog friendly and snowy. We ran all around town, played with dogs, and even poached a ski run. I swear that as we were getting in the car he said to me, “You mean we could have lived in a place like this my entire life instead of Southern California? You’re such a sandbagger!”

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