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October 30, 2009 posted by

Scary Or Not Scary?

If P90X has become so popular that it’s now a Halloween costume, how come the obesity epidemic isn’t dropping? Check out this email that went around the office today:

Subject: P90X is now, officially, part of pop culture.

Among the expected Michael Jacksons, Jon & Kates and Balloon Boys, this entrant showed up at a mutual fund company’s costume contest this morning. He calls himself “P90X Graduate” and it looks as if he didn’t finish the program.

Perhaps part of the clue is in his Hans and Franz like physique. Our society is obsessed with size and nary a day passes by when we don’t get customers asking us how to get bigger. And even though Tony is a slim guy with muscles I think many of our clients see him as a version of the hulk in the same distorted way some women don’t want to stop losing weight until they look like heroin addicts.

So if anyone shows up on your doorstep looking like this guy ask yourself, what would Tony do? Then give him an apple, and tell him it’s Tony’s favorite snack, because he ain’t gonna look like an X grad chowin’ down on Reece’s.


  • haha yes very true tony would never give away reeses. But our society would'nt accept an apple in my opinion most will throw it away but the effort would count and tony would be proud!!Thanks for the Article Hassan!

  • Love it. Posted it on my Facebook page.

  • His warrior pose is totally off! I don't think he ever started the DVD's let alone finished them!Sigh…

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