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Season’s End

Sitting inside on a snowy October morning I’m planning next season. Providing our economy doesn’t transform our nation into some version of The Road Warrior, 2009 should be a lot of fun. We’re planning on riding around Europe and catching some of the spring classics, climbing the longest sport climb in the world in Mexico, doing some proper bike racing, seeing how many canyons we can do on our tandem, and competing again at duathlons.

sam enjoying one of the last rides of the season.
fall aspens.

October, so far, has including mainly trying to milk the weather as long as it would hold. Knowing the trails around Park City could disappear any day, Sam and I did a long and highly aesthetic ride on Wed, connecting most of my favorite trails in Park City and Deer Valley. Friday a group of us got in a good 5 hours on the civies, and in between I’ve been trying to hit the crags without doing further damage to my shoulder. More nice weather is in the forecast but, at this point, I’m fairly excited about concocting a new training template and seeing what I can get done next year.

romney, after narrowing escaping major injury from a falling rock, sports her brand new oh-so feminine helmet.

the varmits trying to come to terms with the weather.


  • Hey, where did that other varmint come from?Good luck with the shoulder recovery. My knee has been acting up, so I’m in a similar boat, but not nearly as severe an issue.Cheers,~R

  • Nice stuff. Of course as a skier, I welcome this change in seasons! 🙂 Leaves are changing here in New England as well and I saw several flocks of Canadian geese heading south in their Vs over the weekend.

  • That’s Copper. He’s Beata’s friend and we’re borrowing him. They grew up together and B misses Tuco so Copper is our sub.I think we’re in exactly the same boat. You should jump in on the off-season rehab. Course, you don’t really have an off-season. Went for a hike w/ the varmits and the trails weren’t as snowy as predicted. There still may be some riding to do this fall.

  • End of Season?!?!Um . . . you’re outta sorts there mate.Ski and ice season is coming.~Josh

  • You’re wasting your time playing in the snow. Like polar bears, your days are numbered. You’d better sell your gear while there’s still a market for it.-Sarah

  • On the contrary . . . I have real smart sources well within the republican party that say there’s no such thing as global warming. ~Josh

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