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Shakeology FAQs

We’ve been doing a lot of q & a on Shakeology this week. I’ve posted my top 20 questions here:

Shakeology: 20 Questions

Personally, I try and take this stuff as my default quicky meal. I’m often in a rush and there’s pretty much nothing that you can consume quickly that comes close the the nutrient base you’re getting here. Unlike other, more sports related, supplements, this one doesn’t need to be timed. It’s just like grabbing a snack. I like a have an afternoon coffee at the local cafe. It used to be a coffee and a scone or some other goodie. Now I tend to skip the treat and have this instead. I can’t gauge how this change is affecting my fitness but I managed to do all the moves on a V10 yesterday, which is something I haven’t done in over a decade.


  • I just found your blog (by googling “core syngergistics,” a term that I’d never heard of mentioned by a friend this morning) and WOW…looooove finding fitness info online and I shall be a new, regular reader! : )

  • Hello Steve,Currently, Im personal training a group of elderly clients and am hesitant to introduce Shakeology (perhaps a taste test) to them because of the vitamin K and that conflict with heart medication which most of them are on. What are your thoughts? concerns? advice?

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