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Shatner is such a vegetarian, he even loves his ladies green.

Denis over at The Real Fitness Nerd has outdone himself. He had some help, mainly in the form of an old–an amazingly prescient–documentary on vegetarianism hosted by William Shatner. From the Nerd:

Today, I’m going to let a true master do the talking. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy Vegetarian World, starring William Shatner.

I’m not going to bother posting this video here. Instead I emplore you to visit his site and check it out.

This documentary is fascinating on so many levels. First and foremost, Denny Crane, I mean William Shatner, is positively riveting from his bad jogging suit to his love for eggplant parmigiana. What also makes this 1982 vegetarian rant interesting is that it’s 30 years ahead of its time…


  • shatner's a god and that was a fantastic documentary! i remember watching it and i've even eaten at govinda's…memories…regardless, shatner's a god. in my view vegetarianism is a choice we can make because we have excess. faced with with my own mortality, i'd eat anything to survive…knowing that, it's hard to be philosophical about it, but also hard not to be. regardless, we need food, we do have choices and cows are cute. beside that, a vegetarian diet keeps one regular and pooping trumps bound up any day. thanks steve.marc

  • It's really an amazing show. I frankly don't know how I've missed it all these years. I, too, have been to Govinda's. The veggie buffet was once a staple.

  • Being a vegetarian must be super hard, I have days when I only eat vegan and other days when I eat red meat.Any thoughts on when the stabilization exercise instructions will be up?

  • That was pretty good. Shat is a god. No doubt. I had no idea he ate meatless.How exactly can one make Carnitas vegetarian? Figure that out and you'd win the nobel.Why is it that everyone in 1982 talked like they just smoked a ball of hash or took a handful of quaaludes?-Josh

  • technically, pigs are vegetarians, by the transitive property, so then are carnitas. q.e.d. you're welcome.marc

  • Beer boosts bone health! Cool study on Muscular Development site that shows that dietary silicon in beer helps osteoporosis, H.A and strokes. Thought you might find it interesting. I guess arnold was right 😛 in terms of bone health I suppose.

  • Shatner is fat right now have you looked at his pictures lately? he was a lot younger there vegetarian or not.That may be a good lifestyle for some people for others not.

  • Vegetarianism is good for some but not for others.Shatner looked great when he was young but now he is not so thin.Always liked him though.

  • Whooa, dare to slam The Shat!

  • Are you actually claiming that vegetarian is the cause of Shatner's weight gain? That makes no sense. Vegetarianism is a broad term. You can be a vegetarian and drink Coke and eat French Fries all day.That said, do you think his weight might have something to do with the fact that he's a 79-year-old-man who doesn't exercise all that much?

  • The video was interesting but I wonder if he is still living the veg life.

  • Shatner has not been a vegetarian for many, many years.

  • In fact here is a link of him discussing his Thanksgiving and frying a turkey. regarding the comment about being veg maybe not being for everyone, don't take Shatner's physique as an example. Actually maybe you can because he was fit when veg and years after he is not.

  • Just because Shatner does the turkey video, it doesn't necessarily mean he eats it. I have two words for you…showbiz and paycheck.

  • Trust me he is absolutely NOT a vegetarian.

  • Trust me, he is not a vegetarian.

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