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Shin Splints: Prehab and Rehab

Shin Splints: Prehab and Rehab

Almost every runner, and quite a few non-runners, have to deal with shin splints at some point. While hardly debilitating, they can wreck an event you’ve trained for and are a general nuisance when they flare up. Luckily, they’re not too hard to get rid of and even easier to avoid. Do these movements regularly, which takes about 5 minutes, and you should be good. Combining them with the exercises below will stack the odds even higher in your favor.

There’s also a stretch you can do for your shin that we didn’t film. While hanging on to a fence, do a full squat. Go deep keeping your weight back on your heels, while pulling slightly forward with your arms until you feel a stretch running up the front of your lower leg. Some people may have to slightly raise the toes in order to activate this stretch.

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  • This time around I managed to avoid all my usual leg and feet injuries by wearing fivefinger barefoot shoes for my Beachbody workouts – they are awesome! Vibrams are my fav now for exercise! Even my knees don’t bag me – just love them!

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