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Size Matters

Finally, I enact zig zag principles, eating one to three days per above (three to four days per week total) and normal on the other days. This way I stay strong and energized and can continue this diet for as long as it takes to get to where I want to be. Each week I tweak it slightly, based on the prior week’s success, until I’m ready to rumble.

vids: another option for weight loss is to simply watch vision quest, exercise like a madman, and not eat. “why do you want to get smaller and wrestle a small guy?”


  • That sounds like a great training plan, but how do you keep from losing muscle and performance by eating only 1500 calories or less? I know the zig-zag dieting is for this purpose, but it seems like after gaining muscle, you would lose some by not eating so much. You would still obviously be increasing muscle cell recruitment and strength, but the capacity for your strength would seem to be less since the hypertrophic progress you made could be slightly reversed.

  • You can minimize how much muscle you lose by how much you eat on your zag days. For me weight is key so I'm ok losing some size here. Since my training is specific, and nutrient needs prioritize (meaning they will take sides on what gets repaired first) you should keep all of your sports specific muscle. But, as I said, by zagging bigger you can keep all of your muscle easier (somewhat like the ABCDE diet–search my blog if you don't know it).

  • Great videos. I think I'll strap Levi in the stroller and go for a quick run.

  • It's almost impossible to watch that without wanting to do something. I'm going to smoke a pipe and talk to the Everywhere Spirit. On a Vision Quest, man.

  • Thanks for this post Steve. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart because I have such a tough time staying lean. For some reason, I have always been passionate about strength to weight power sports but I struggle to keep my body in check. It seems as if even when I am eating perfectly, I just carry more fat than most people.I would love to hear some other strategies you have. October is my power month and I am getting started with my program on Monday. It seems like the perfect time to drop some of this extra weight before I peak for Nov/Dec.Thanks man!!

  • Zig zagging is the most consistent stategy I've found. Search the blog and read about the ABCDE diet. It's principles can be used to lose weight as well.

  • Another great easy weight loss plan is to go on the road with very little money, climb all day long, and not eat a lot. Read Jerry Moffatt's Revelations for more on this.

  • Hi,Just read this. Seems that Zig Zag Diet is promomoted by several sources at the moment. One question though: when do you eat normal? Is it on the training days or rest days?/Mark

  • While zig zagging you train right through it. The only time I would adjust this is if you're doing endurance stuff where you're out for hours. In this case you need sports nutrition and those days caloric intake should almost always be quite high. But the point of zig zagging is to make your body train on less fuel than it needs, which will teach you where your numbers really are because all of those calculators, trainers, and nutritionists out there are only going to give you ballpark numbers. How much you actually need to eat comes down to your experience with your body.

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