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So Much To Do

So Much To Do

My buddy Jack famously said “I can’t die. It would ruin my image” and, while he’s one of the primary inspirations in my life, I have a different take. I have little interest in image but a ravenous hunger to experience. And there’s always something new to experience. Today’s Psyche post is three different things that have me ultra motivated to nail this rehab and get back at it. I guess my version Jack’s mantra would be I can’t die, there too much cool shit left to do.


I’ve climbed a lot of places. Back in the 90s, when I was winding down my full time life as a roamer, there weren’t very many climbing areas in the world left on my must-do list. The Black Canyon was one. Since then, climbing has been a part-time pursuit along with a host of other sports and I’d lost to itch I once had to experience every single place. This vid’s got the Black back on the list. From a storytelling experience, it’s one of the better I’ve seen as it highlights the area and the route history very well, along with the modern free ascent. Seems like Andrew Burr would have been helpful to some of those media outlets attempting to explain The Dawn Wall.

The next vid is one of the raddest things I’ve seen in a long time. I didn’t care at all about archery before watching this. Now I’m thinking I should take it up. I always love people who think outside the box. When they take it to this level they change the world on some level. This makes me feel like I’m lazy and have no focus. It will help me raise my game, even if I don’t take up a new sport. It’s absolutely amazing what you can do with a little motivation.

Finally, visits from Reba and Josh got me re-psyched on bigger bike adventures. I’ve never been one to try and tick off other people’s agendas. Races, no matter how cool or hard, always have some compromise to some degree. Traditionally, most bike packing trips have limited technical riding, if not just plain bad riding needed to link them. Most big techie rides have shuttles and support. So I looked for a bike packing trip that could combine everything, essentially using the logic that if I could do one more big ride before I died, what would it be?

I came up with a way to do a self-supported ride that includes The White Rim Trail, The Magnificent 7, The Whole Enchilada, and something I’d never heard of called The Grand Loop, which is a 360-mile remote epic linking The Kokopelli, Tabegauche, and Paradox trails. All of these trails are on someone’s favorite list. The ones I’ve done are on mine. This must be most continuos world class riding–and very diverse riding at that–than’s every been done in a push. I think it would tick that one-ride-before-you-die box nicely.

pics: Porcupine Rim (part of the Whole Enchilada, by F.Felix, and Jack’s message to me on my 50th. In the pic he’s pulling 70 boats across Long Beach harbor with his hands and feet shackled for his 70th birthday challenge. I’ve still got time to get fitter, apparently.

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  • Ok, that archery guy is off-the-hook rad.

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