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The Straight Dope will be moving to steveedwardsfitness.com shortly and housed by someone other than Blogger. Something changed recently and Blogger’s spam catchers are letting way too much through so, for now, I’ve stopped posting and begun setting up shop somewhere else. The current site at steveedwardsfitness will be changing, too.

In the mean time, here’s a Beachbody success story on “the world’s fastest violinist”. As you’ll see, weight is an important performance factor for things other than sports. Can’t say I’m a big fan of this rendition of Flight of the Bumblebee but the talent is impressive nonetheless.


  • Hey Steve!I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms! Speaking for your silent public, I miss your blog! Hurry back soon with the straight dope 2.0! It's the middle of my climbing season in Chattanooga and I need your positive influence in my training! I'll try to catch up on older posts and see what stevie is up to as well, but PLEASE, don't lose sight of a good thing! The olympics is not far away and America needs to get serious about comp climbing! Don't you agree?ha ha (please take this msg lightly)your buddy,Mike Wohner

  • Hey Steve, Miss your blog seriously buddy! Please don't forget about your silent public! It's winter in chattanooga and I have a scant two months of bouldering and need your keen motivation and insight. Plus, think of our legacy! Sport climbing may be in the olympics soon and the U.S. is truly asleep at the wheel. Time to shake up the climbers and propel team usa to at least cycling standards! Wake up america, the olympics are calling and we need all hands!until your ready I'll just read old articles and keep track of stevie h, but in all seriousness kindly continue!Your friend in chattanooga,Mike Wohner

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