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Summit 2010: I’ll Keep Trying If You Keep Trying

“OH MY GOD,” was the first thing Debbie Siebers said to me at this year’s Team Beachbody Summit. The exasperated look on her face was one of disbelief—perhaps even shock—which was saying something coming from Debbie, who has trained movie stars and performed in front of huge crowds—including a Super Bowl—many times.

debbie the rock star

Debbie was the first in a line-up of Beachbody trainers to lead a workout involving all the attendees of the 2010 Beachbody Summit. Having led workouts at every meeting we’ve had you’d think she’d be ready. But, as Tony Horton says back in our first big hit, Power 90, “things are startin’ to happen” and, this year, we can officially say that the Beachbody Revolution is more than a slogan. A thousand Team Beachbody coaches packed the Century Plaza’s convention hall and greeted Debbie like a rock star. And despite the fact that “it was so crowded people could hardly move” one Beachbody coach claimed that he and a few others had burned 1,400 calories according to their heart rate monitors.

rev abs’ brett hobel works the crowd while shaun t impresses with his vertical.

Siebers had shouldered her flabbergasted-ness on me because we were around back when Beachbody was barely a mom and pop operation. In those days the office consisted of the two founders, Carl and Jon, and the two Heathers (both still here). As consultants there were three trainers: Tony, Debbie, and me. There was no talk of revolution, or even Team Beachbody. Back then we were only concerned with making another good exercise program.

A passionate fitness trainer’s ultimate goal is to get as many people fit and healthy as possible. The vision and hard work of our founders has allowed us to reach an audience that I’m pretty sure none of us ever considered. It’s a bit like a dream, really, but a serendipitous one because I doubt the reality of what is going on could have even made its way into our subconscious a decade ago. But since we’ve been given this opportunity we’re going to run with it for as long as we can.

carl’s closing remarks

I wasn’t slotted to give a presentation at the Summit except as part of a panel to explain the science behind Chalene Johnsons’s upcoming Turbo Fire program. But after three days of answering questions virtually non-stop I think I will give one next year, if only to try and sum up the most popular inquires and save my voice, which was almost completely shot by the end. Apparently, more people want to hear my scientific mumbo jumbo than we thought.

with coaches reaf and joey, just prior me giving a late-night rehab demonstration.

And to all of you who thanked me for what I do, I want to thank you too. It’s your work and dedication that makes it possible for me to do my job more effectively and, hopefully, to continually expand my knowledge so that we, as a team, can continue to pay it forward to a world that badly needs us. No one becomes a fitness trainer or nutritionist in order to make money. It has to be a personal passion. But if we can find a way to sustain our lives by doing what we’re passionate about there isn’t much more that we can ask for.

Before I start sounding too serious I’m going to wrap this up with a line from Eddie Adams from Torrance, aka Dirk Diggler. “We can always do better. I’m going to keep trying if you guys keep trying. Let’s keep rocking and rolling, man.”



on top: with million dollar body grand prize winner, cammie lusk, and her inspiring story below.


  • Damn I wish I lived closer and I would go to one of these LOL.Cami's video is amazing, she is one hell of an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks for using my video and posting a picture of me and Reaf. I have that video of the late night shoulder rehabilitation session too. Want me to post it? Going to get on it asap. It was a pleasure talking with you as always Steve. You're a great guy with a ton of knowledge. I'm looking forward to your talk next summit!!!Joey Petri

  • Thanks, Joey,Sure, post it and I'll find a place for it–you know, unless it's unwatchable, which it very well might be. Should be entertaining even if it's bad. Always great seeing you, too! Thanks for your insight. I'll hit you up for some ideas for what to do next year.

  • Bruce and I enjoyed our "private" time with the famous Steve Edwards. I always enjoy your scientific mumbo jumbo.

  • Thanks again Steve for everything. It was a pleasure to spend even a few minutes with you. Anne

  • As a new Emerald Coach, attending his first summit, all I can say is… WOW!! The energy from this will carry all of us to incredible heights. Thanks to all.

  • As always Steve, great to chat with you for a few minutes. Still amazed at how much it has grown since you and I chatted on the bus at the first Summit! Love the quote. I'll keep trying! Have a great one and thanks for all you do!Keith

  • I had a great time chatting with you at Summit and really liked seeing myself in the background of two of your photos on this post.. 🙂

  • Steve, Great to see and chat with you, as always! :)Love your blog! 😀

  • 2011 I'm going to be at Summit!Beachbody has literally turned my life around for the best.

  • I was at the Summit 2010 and Steve,you nailed it!I am happy and too excited to really put into words.Itry though,it's all I talk about.I love being a Beachbody Coach and I can't wait to wake up everyday and learn more.Thank you!!! Ted Dietz

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