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Sweet Relief

My latest hard block of Hell Month was five straight days of double workouts, which had my legs screaming so loudly that I found myself texting a middle of the night Facebook entry:

“Legs hurt so bad I can’t sleep. Both terrible and great at the same time.”

The terrible part is obvious but it’s also great to have a tactile reminder that I’m back at hard training. Being totally exhausted to the point of pain makes me feel like I’m living life as it should be lived.
After two active rest days I’m nearly back to normal and ready to lay the hurt on again, thanks to Asylum Relief. I was honestly reluctant to give up my recent recovery modalities, foam rolling and neuro-integrated stretching, but since I’m testing Asylum it’s what I had to do. And it’s working just fine, in fact better than I was expecting. A combination of the three, along with some yoga, is going to be my regular recovery MO until something more effective gets discovered.

Asylum Relief is pretty much designed to be done daily. In fact it begins doing the same movements that you do at the end of every workout as a not so subtle hint (plus Shaun repeatedly reminds you to do it and tells you to have Recovery Formula after, which he wouldn’t if you were only doing a recovery routine). It’s not scheduled this way in the literature but that’s only because we don’t want to scare people into thinking that they’ve got to train over an hour each day. But I’m quite certain that any time you commit to an extra 15 minutes of cool down with Relief you’re going to feel like it was time very well spent.

There’s an old cycling coach saying that goes, “If you don’t have time to stretch you don’t have time to ride.” Few follow this but I’ll bet that those who do are faster than those who don’t. And even if they aren’t they are certainly the ones who recover fastest, get injured less, and feel better in general. You can take that to the bank.


  • When you say double workouts……are you saying double-Asylum workouts ?

  • I might try it when I start cutting. Seems too hard for me though…

  • Tommy, My schedule is posted if you scroll back or follow the links. Not double Asylum. That would be counterproductive unless done very carefully.Hassan,Too hard for YOU? That's just ridiculous. It might be too hard for a cutting cycle though, especially if you're on a cutting diet.

  • hehe, I'm not even near the level I used to be for endurance. After putting an extra 25 lbs from eating 4K+ calories, it's not easy to run around and climb all day for me. Plus low carbs with this will mess me up. I ordered it either way though, might just do it as like a cardio session. I guess you can refer to me as having those "dumb muscles". Strong? yes, efficient? not really.

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