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T Minus 25 Minutes To Fitness

T Minus 25 Minutes To Fitness

Our latest offering, Focus T25, is a study in exercise efficiency. By targeting your training to things that matter, sans filler, you can force your body to adapt and change much quicker than until recently was thought possible. Over the next few weeks I’ll provide an under-the-hood look at why your next fitness program, your first fitness program or, at least, a part of your fitness arsenal should be Focus T25.

“Can I get real results in only 25 minutes a day?” is the question almost everyone asks. “And if that’s the case, then why would I ever do hour long workouts like Insanity or P90X?” These are reasonable questions. As you’ll see, I hope, the answers make perfect sense.

Answer #1

Check out some of the science I featured in this post a couple of weeks ago. We’ve know for some time that short, focused workouts are the most efficient way to change your body composition in a short amount of time. In fact, we already offer a lot of short workouts in many of our programs as a part of an overall structure.

The trick/key to T25 was creating the overload we’ve done before using time (lengthening workouts over time—Turbo Fire’s volume change being one of the best examples) to overloading using intensity to create the same effect. This took some time to structure and then testing, so Shaun Thompson (the T in 25) spent a lot of time traveling, consulting and experimenting with various training protocols to find the right combination to teach. The result was three phases: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, which are in some ways only related by all being 25 minutes long.

I’ll go into these phases in detail in subsequent posts but, first, I should say that you can’t really get fit in 25 minutes a day. Fitness, as Sagi (of Body Beast) likes to say, is a 24-hour proposition, even if only one of those hours is spent in the gym. Yes, T25 can make you fitter in 25 minutes a day but you’re going to need to revamp your lifestyle if you want real results so, of course (it’s a Beachbody program after all), T25 comes with a nutrition plan and all the usual Beachbody resources (Message Boards, Teambeachbody, chats, tips, newsletters and other support features) as well. But the exercise part is solid. Focus for 25 minutes and you’ll see real change.

Answer #2

There is fitness and then there is FITNESS. T25 can get you fit and ripped but, at some point, if fitness becomes your lifestyle and general focus, you are going to need more. Doing T25 will prepare you to get more results than ever the next time you do any longer-duration high intensity program, as well as providing you with longterm transition workouts and supplemental workouts for those of you who move on to other athletic endeavors in life. We’ll talk about exactly why this is the case next time.


  • “if fitness becomes your lifestyle and general focus, you are going to need more”

    if t25, being 25 minutes gets you ready for longer duration high intensity program…what exactly is p90x3?

    why did p90x2 have such a short lifespan?

  • X3 is similar, but different, than T25. Kind of like Asylum vs X or X2. It’s a more systematic approach at fitness. There are a lot of different personalities out there so you can’t really have a one-program-fits-all solution for fitness. Sheesh, I hope X2’s lifespan isn’t over. P90x didn’t hit until 3 years after it came out. Insanity took even longer to reach peak popularity. You just never know when something catches on.

    Regardless, even if it never goes huge X2 has a place in the X line-up. X3, at 30 minutes, is almost an intro, or substitution program, for X2. I think/hope they’ll feed off each other as they’re almost interchangeable depending on your goals and how much time you have to train.

  • I have just started the p90x3 workouts which are 30 mins and I have to say i am quite impressed overall. Not sure about the difference between the two, I am guessing t25 is a bit more cardio focused, but i guess further than the science – the motivation to just do 30 mins is so easy compared with the other ones.
    I can easily do at least 30 mins – (or 25 for that matter) so am loving it overall.

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