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Tale Of A Backcountry Accident

For your weekend entertainment, here’s a fantastic account of the sort of thing that can happen when you’re playing in the backcountry. As a warning, this is not pleasurable reading if you’re squeamish. It bothered me, and I’d already heard the story from both parties. Beyond that and it’s a great read from the author of Ocean’s Eleven.

Micah And Bob Go Bouldering – A Quick Journey To Hell

If you’d like to follow Micah’s recovery, befriend Micah ElLameleg on Facebook.


  • Yikes. I'm glad he will be ok.

  • Wow, That is a heck of a story! But come on…taking something that gruesome, he was able to make me laugh hard a few times! Hope your pal comes out ok Steve!

  • speaking of accidents, some guy fell off the top of one of your problems, Double Indemnity at the Mouth. His foot got caught in the giant hueco on his way down,causing a broken foot. My friends carried him out and his girlfriend drove him to the hospital.

  • Micah's doing well considering, though I heard he had an infection today and need to call him to see about it. Ah, falling off the top of Double Indemnity is definitely not on. That sounds terrible. That was the site of the infamous "there's not much I can do for you" line from Hondo whilst spotting. I guess he was right. Certainly glad I never tested that fall.

  • It's a good story, but I think we all would have liked to see a pic of the bone sticking out. Bob's a hero, now. Sounds like time for a new nick name for him. Maybe a cape. He's already got the girl so that's covered. His letter on his chest could be O for Oly.

  • There are pics if you click the links. Getting Bob to wear a cape could be challenging, but if it came with free Oly I'm sure we could get him to do anything.

  • Thanks for posting this Steve and thanks for reading everyone. Aside from the getting to know me on facebook, you can also check my blog, which I'm attempting to update with the little energy that I have available. -Micah Elconin

  • There's a link to Micah's site on the right.

  • Such a bummer for Micah, hope he gets better as soon as possible. I tweaked my wrist once on Double Indemnity when I stepped on my shoelace, retreating from the crux, and fell after being totally stuck.BTW, Steve, would you have a problem with your old guide getting posted on the web? I just scanned my copy before it was getting totally unreadable…

  • The book from the 90s with Ratso and Phil on the cover? Rad. Sure, though it's probably not very accurate anymore. Just tell me where you post it.

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