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The 10 Toughest Events In The World

I’ll be back to blogging shortly. In the mean time, I’m tying to compile a list of the 10 toughest events that the public can enter. I promise to do something fun with the list. It can be any sport, any place, any amount of time. The only rule is suffering. Mas suffering.

For example:

What’s the toughest ultra (Hardrock, Barkeleys?)

The toughest tri (a quick search came up with Powerman Zolfingen, even though it’s a du)?

Badwater is probably on the list.

The toughest RAAM qualifier or, perhaps, RAAM itself: even though it’s not public, qualifying isn’t that hard.

Toughest adventure race?

Iditarod (can anyone enter)?

Mtn bike race (Trans Alp)?

Toughest road race (Everest Challenge)?

Toughest ski tour?

Climbing El Cap in a day, even though it’s not an “event”?

Lookin’ for ideas. Hit me up.



  • LOL In theory, yes anyone can enter the Iditarod. Just be over 18, complete the qualifying events, be in good financial standing with the committee, get approved by said committee…and be INSANE! Sub zero temps and weeks spent downwind of a dozen excited gassy dogs. NO THANKS!Here’s an event for you. Some say it’s the toughest in the country, others say it’s second to Pike Peak. I say my heinie is steering completely clear of it! It’s a trail marathon at a very cold wet time of year …and check out the elevation! Team in training is tackling it for the first time this fall in memory of Susan Butcher. Those folks are putting in 2 extra months of training first though.

  • Thanks for the idea, Gin. It does look REALLY hard. I think to be on the hardest list, these days, it’s got to be an utra. But that’s no picnic; that’s for sure!Have you ever heard of the Fireweed 400? I may ride it this summer. Want to be on my support crew?

  • LOL WOW Steve I hadn’t evenheard of the Fireweed 400. That passes through some serious beautiful areas. Thompson Pass as you close in on Valdez is spectacular. (Well as long as all the avalanche warnings, lights, and gates don’t freak you out.) I’ve made the trip by car a couple times and the frost heaves really get to me, I can’t even imagine them on a bike. Ok, trying just made my stomach swirl. LOL Pathetic! I did a 413 mile bike ride at age 13, was a blast but we had a whole week to do it. If you come to do that I will stand at the starting line and cheer you on!

  • Hello from Slovenia!I was member of support team on RAAM (Jure Robic) and Badwater & Spartathlon ultramarathon race (Dusan Mravlje), this year I will go on Cape Epic in South Africa also as team member, so if You need some photos or informations “from first hand” about this races, contac me on:bostjan.fon@telesat.siRegards from other side of planet!

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