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“The Best” Athletes Over 60

“The Best” Athletes Over 60

This week’s Psyche features “10(12) Athletes Over 60 Who Can Kick Your Butt”,  a great, motivational piece from The Daily Burn. Not sure about “the best” sensationalism, since neither of the guys in the vids made the list, as well as others I can think of, but that doesn’t dampen the radness of these folks getting after it at an advanced age. I’m particularly impressed by Tao Porchon-Lynch, the 95-year-old yoga (pic – why I’ll always do yoga). Click on this paragraph to check it out, then enjoy the vids.


Do something hard this weekend!

5.14 at 61. I’ve still got some time to climb hard!


  • saw the title and wondered if you’d list monsieur Marin. So rad!!

    • Super rad. Yes. Great attitude, too.

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