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The China Chronicles

not your typical half time entertainment.

I’m back in the States—writing at 4:30 in the morning because my jet lag abatement plan got diverted by a flu I picked up on my last night in Hong Kong. I’d like to say it’s because I ran out of my Peak Health vitamins. In fact, it may be. But instead I’ll point to our waiter on our final night that, upon greeting us, coughed mightily into his hand and then wiped it on our table cloth. Jon’s cries of protest were met with laughter. We almost left but decided to run with it, as we both see a lot of humor in bad service. Turned out to be a mistake, but what can you do? If the food had been as advertised, it may have been okay. It turned out to be very below average. We won’t be recommending Isola, in the IFC building in HK, anytime soon.

The most popular shirt in China. Tranlated: Kung Pao Chicken. Okay, I thought this was funny, and would be particularly funny in the States where people wear all sorts of kanji with no idea of its meaning, but the Chinese went bonkers over it. It always brought a laugh, a smile, a comment, preferential treatment, and helped us breeze through security checks. I recommend one.

I’m finally feeling better and will post pics are report of the rest of our trip over the next week or so (or whenever Jon gets back from his trip, as some photos are his). It was a fabulous time. Big shout out to UPS, who sponsored us (along with hundreds of their best clients). As one of the Games’ major sponsors, they really did it up. We were inundated with food, drink, and Olympics for the duration of our stay in Beijing. It was all rather amazing.

don’t forget to cheer. jon and i were pretty sure we would be attacked in our sleep by these creepy Olympic mascot monsters.


  • Hey Steve,Read all your posts on going to the Olympics. Wow, what an experience to be there in China. Definitely one of my goals in life is to get out there. Great posts and welcome back.Christopher Ortega (menelaus)

  • Welcome home!

  • You went to Hong Kong and ate in the IFC building? What, were you there as part of the G8? Good lord, a city of culinary treasures and you ate in a mega-mall / banking-establishment / western-capitalist haven. You should’ve gone to Mong Kok and eaten noodles. Or in the very least, gone to Kowloon/Tsim sha tsui and eaten at Delaney’s, as I advised.~Josh

  • Yep, we were indeed sandbagged.

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