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The Development Of P90X2

It’s official; P90X mc2 is P90X2 since its unveiling at Beachbody’s annual Summit meeting last weekend. I know many coaches have been aware of this for ages but that’s one of your perks. Officially mum has been the word. This means that, among other things, I can wear the X2 hoodie that’s been buried in my closet for months out in public.

Tony, Jon, Carl and me in Tony’s apartment; brainstorming about a sequel to Power 90 tentatively called P90X.

For those of you just joining us, today I’ll provide a recap of P90X2’s development. Beachbody’s old guard undoubtedly remembers Ned Farr’s serial about the making of P90X. For X2 we didn’t go to such production lengths. Instead, you got Tony’s One on One workouts (with Mason’s b roll segments—you all watched those, right?) and my blog. Here are a few of the more important posts, in chronological order. I changed the titles to reflect X2 but leaving all the X Next/mc2 et al references in for posterity.

Post-activation Potentiation

Going, Going, Gone!

I Hate It! But I Love It!

Feelin’ Springy

The Science Behind P90X2

Previewing P90X2

Buying Into The System

P90X2 Core: The Opening Engagement

Plyocide: Up Close and Personal

P90X: Muscle Confusion Two

P90X2 Rehearsals

The Stuff Of P90X2

It’s a Wrap!

If you want to read the entire series click here and scroll down.

7AM, Day 3, 2011 Summit: 2,000 people get ready to workout with the Beachbody trainers in front of the Staples Center, minus some whom were skipping it because they’d done Tony’s PAP workout the day prior. “My legs are destroyed,” was a sentiment heard regularly.


  • Can't wait!

  • Hope for a ton of complexes in X2!!!

  • Yay

  • Yay

  • Is the release date still Fall 2011? The trailer looks great.

  • That's a ways away but everything is still on schedule.

  • I plan to get as out of shape and fat as possible after racing in August. Maybe 3 solid months of being truly southern and living the sedentary life. Then I will come back here via my potato chip grease-laden keyboard and bitch about how hard X2 is.

  • Steve, wondering about foam rollers to buy for P90X2. We've got a small discussion on the team beachbody forums under (programs/P90X One on One/Team Hybricide thread) if you've got some time to hop on and give us some answers. Thanks!

  • Foam rollers are a matter of personal preference. We will sell two: a standard one (6 X 36) and a "rumble roller" that has little teeth. I like both better for different things–the latters hits some small muscles better but is softer overall and may not dig as much into big muscles–but basically you can't go wrong. I also have friends who prefer a piece of pvc because it's harder. This would be too painful for most people, however, once you've rolled for a while and your muscles are supple it does make sense. If you've never rolled before I would probably start cheap and basic.

  • Please give insight into the X2 schedule. I am predicting phase I and II mirror X1. It is phase III I am trying to figure out. Is Total Body X a recovery week workout?

  • Read the buying into the system post. Each block will be more targeted than X1, with block II a lot like the original and block I a foundation phase targeting balance. I'm doing block III right now, which is based around postactivation potentiation. I'll be posting on this tomorrow.

  • You know, Beachbody made it's best decision hiring you to design their program. The company would've never been a success without you. MC2 is definitely gonna be on my buy as soon as possible list. Nice job with the science behind it.

  • Do you know if the nutrition plan will have recipes and guides for people with diabetes?

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