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The Incredible Hulk

BD athletes Kate Rutherford and Brittany Griffith attempt Venturi Effect (IV 5.12) on the Incredible Hulk, High Sierras, CA from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

The headlines have been filled with plenty to comment on but, alas, I’ve had no time to blog. So instead of getting all hot and bothered about the latest sad news about our health enjoy a little stoke instead. Black Diamond has been making a lot of cool vids lately. This one features my friend Brittany climbing one of the most imposing granite formations in the High Sierra. For an added bonus, check out the one below where Brittany’s husband sandbags here into leading some scary. My wife says “she sounds just like me” which is something to take solace in as a recreational athlete because Brittany is rad.

BD athlete Brittany Griffith climbs at Australia’s Taipan Wall and Mount Arapiles from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.


  • That shit is bad ass, freakin nuts. Admire the hell out of all of you that can do that. I now way shape or form would ever attempt that.Great vid.

  • "how the *bleep* did i let you talk me into this" haha, if i had a dollar for every time ive said that to my friends and loved them for egging me on anyway 😉

  • 2nd clip super-funny. 1st clip amazing. Two aw-shucks girls just sort of giggling about a grade IV climb in the high country. I would have probably shat my pants the moment the formation came into view.

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