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The R Series

Jenn Flemming – The “R” Series from DPM CLIMBING on Vimeo.

Here’s part I of a new DPMclimbing series on scary climbs. It’s one last Psyche to help tick your project before winter sets in. This vid features Jenn Flemming on a naturally-protected 5.13 in Eldo called Fraid Line. It’s a very professionally done film and part of DPM’s new Stash series, which promises to be well worth the paltry annual fee of 5 bucks (yes, you read that correctly).

R = “Runout, some protection placements may be very far apart (possibility of serious injury exists, even when properly protected).


  • A few thoughts:1) Eldo rock looks cool.B) Her gear doesn't look that bad.Finally) There's a bolt 3 feet to her right at the R section. So, like, why not put a bolt in for the R section? Clearly bolting ain't verbotten in Eldo.Ice season here.J

  • Eldo is cool. It was one of the big draws of living in the Front Range. Glad I picked SLC. Yesterday it was pissing down rain so we drove 2 hrs south to Price for perfect conditions, world class trails, and bouldering. There's a bunch of routes on that wall and the original line went through the roof and right as was well protected. The bolt is a direct line to the original and hers is the direct finish and it's quite spicy by most accounts. I don't want to fall 25' onto a number one stopper anytime soon. But I'm a wuss. If it's your time, it's your time, I guess.

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