July 14, 2008 posted by topadmin

The Slips

For a blog focusing on obscure routes it’s a little strange to begin at one of the most popular areas in Big Cottonwood. There are a few weird routes here but they’ll have to wait for another day. Last weekend Lisa and I decided to begin the tick-a-thon with some really easy climbing. She hadn’t climbed in months, and I’d only been out a few times.

The slips is mainly one slabby wall. The routes on the right side are sport bolted and easy. All are of excellent quality. I think the right 5.6 might be a little exciting for someone pushing that grade (if this is possible). Lisa flew up all three and seemed to have a hard time telling the difference.

We then headed down to the creek where there are three bolted 5.10s. Only two are in the guide, and both are steep, juggy, and fun. There’s a newer route on the left that’s more than a tad chossy. But it’s good climbing over a couple of roofs on jugs and checks in around easy 5.10.

We didn’t place a piece of gear but skipped a few brushy-looking lines that we’ll be back for. Also, there’s a new long route that, I think, is all bolts but requires two rappels if you only have one rope. More on this next time.

I need to start to take photos when I go out. Today I pilfered one from Mountainproject.com, which is currently one of three places where you might find new local info, along with utahclimbers and rockclimbing.

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