January 21, 2006 posted by

The Straight Dope

I write a lot about fitness and nutrition, which are the same thing as far as I’m concerned. It’s all about health and lifestyle; the modern health care. Doctors and such are for when you haven’t cared for your health or had an accident. Health care is what you do about your own health.

Anyway, most of what I write needs to be presentable. Here, however, I can rant. I may not, but I probably will. So much in today’s world is guided by money only. Spun by marketers and/or politicians in order for their companies to ‘stay in business’, we’re told to tone things down on a daily basis to keep those more powerful than us from ‘causing us grief. Well, my friends, nobody’s going to sue me for blogging so I’m going to say what I know. Hope it helps you out.


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