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The World’s Hardest Climb…

…just went down. Not so shockingly to Adam Ondra (congrats, man!) I wasn’t going to put this here until the full video came out but then I saw the above pic of him on the upper crux (Petr Pavlicek photo). It reminds me that I need to try harder. Not just at climbing. At everything. Yeah, yeah, this kid’s got natural talent but all people at the top of their fields, ultimately, succeed because they try harder than everyone else. When I watch people like Chris Sharma and Ondra climb I feel lazy. Today’s Psyche is to remind you not to give up. Have a sending weekend!

That is, if you don’t blow your shoulder out watching this video of Adam on the first part of the route. Romney was saying “that doesn’t look like the world’s hardest route…” until he started the lock-off/gaston sequence when she got silent and then went “…oh”. Sick. Just sick.


  • The photo is by Pete Pavlicek(?) not by Björn Pohl. But it is found on ukclimBing where Björn wrote an article about the accent.

  • Corrected, thanks. Will leave the comments to mention both of them as Björn is such an important player in the climbing news game.

  • Geez, went to read up more about the feat since it sounds pretty damn awesome to me (I'm not a climber so I was looking for context), and mostly found a bunch of bickering and people saying Ondra's not THAT good and would be a total fail at Alpine (I believe that's what it was) climbing. Is that sort of hating on accomplishments the norm in the climbing community at large?

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