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Things Are Startin’ To Happen

Week 1 is finished. As I stated, it was a transition week and not really a week of X. I’m sore. Really sore. Christ, I was sore after yoga. It’s not too surprising given that I have a fair amount of fast-twitch muscle fiber which breaks down quickly and recovers slowly. I knew I’d be sore but still…and with Chest/Back on the horizon, followed by Plyo, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

On the positive side having done the workouts before I’m adapting pretty quickly. Also, I’d never done the final 90x dvds as I’d always worked off of my demo tapes from the test group. The final workouts are better but also just a bit easier because we’ve perfected the pauses between sets. The original test group was four people, which myself or Mason on occasional fifth. Tony would go at the pace of the group and we later figured, after the large test group, what the best rest for everyone would be. Anyway, this helped me adapt quicker, use better form, and will lead to more rapid improvement. Once you get good you can always go faster, so the slower pace is generally better.

Marc and Suzanne just mailed in their fit test stats. Reed is still in Hawaii but gets back today, I think. Romney wants in, too, at least in combo with her Gym Jones stuff. With Sk-hawt also beginning, looks like our party is now 6 strong. No problem with that.

The title is a reference to one of Tony’s lines in Power 90. We make fun of him–can’t take this all too serious can we?–whenever possible, all in good fun. My brother was the first to bring that line up because he says it at one of the few times nothing is really going on, which, for some reason, has amused me and my friends greatly over the years so much that we use this line constantly when nothing is going on. I’ll use more of these throughout this program when I have nothing else to write about. However, it’s not all that appropriate right now because I’m awfully sore and stiff and something is, indeed, startin’ to happen.


  • I’m so in. This week has been an adaptive week for me and I’m sore too – Like REALLY freaking sore. This week I’ve tested the waters with each day trying a new workout: I’ve done Plyos, Ab Ripper (which I couldn’t do all the sets), Legs & Back, and Yoga. I will be passing on the Kenpo and will be getting my endurance from riding and running (which I will be doing 4-5 days a week).Looking forward to the discomfort and progress.

  • I’m back and I feel tired. Still, I’ll get started with the fit test in a little bit. I’m officially the heaviest I’ve ever been, weighing in at 232 this a.m. Yikes. I’ll also do all the measurements and a before photo. Should be good for motivation, although I won’t necessarily like to look at it. “Specificity. That’s what I’m talking about.”~R

  • it’s on…we did chest & back and ab ripper x today; ouch! we were actually really sore from our fit tests. i did lat pulls with 110lbs to sub for pull-ups as my excess weight trashes my elbows. had to get on my knees for the last push up set. we both felt a bit queazy by the time the abs were over. anyway, only 89 days left…woo hoo!marc

  • Super proud of everyone! Y’all will do great. Congrats on the wedding! Y’all had awesome photos done!

  • Steve,I’m all ready to start tomorrow with Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X. I see that you have Cardio X for Saturday instead of the Kenpo X in the book. Is there a reason, or just personal preference.Keep pressing play.~R

  • Like Sk-hawt (and you and probably everyone here) I’ll get most of my cardio on the bike and from running. Cardio X was designed for a workout during doubles. It’s by far the easiest workout in X though, as I found out last week, it ain’t all that easy when you’re not used to X. Chest and Back today, right after I tire out the dogs for a warm-up. I’m so going to puke.

  • oh my gawd! just did plyo…i haven’t done much over the past 6 months and the bounce has definitely gone from my step…regardless, or irregardless (if we’re making up words), i’m pooped; took the pups out for a cool down and never felt like vomitting on a dog walk before. btw, my abs, back and chest hurt from yesterday; this all sucks, in a good way. oddly enough, i’m not as excited about shoulders and arms tomorrow (okay, maybe a little excited). these workouts are much stouter than i thought they’d be. good luck everyone.marc

  • Plyo kills me as well. I’m dreading it already. Although I think I remember the first 15 or 20 minutes being torturous and then it being not so bad from that point. All those squaty jumpy things where you land back in a squat were pretty hard for me. Since I haven’t done it in some time it’s going to be worse tomorrow.~R

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