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Time For A New Challenge

It’s that time of year again; birthday challenge time. Since the last two years have, basically, gone down due to injury it’s time to attempt something rather difficult. The rub, as the saying goes, is that I’ve not had ample time this year for serious training and I’ll I’ve been doing is a lot of random exercise. Good exercise, mind you, but random as the same. So what to do…

Well, I’m not about to announce it yet. It’s still too soon. But 460 clicks on the bike has a nice ring to it. I also planned to do the Santa Barbara 9 Trails race but it’s sold out. This sucker is grueling all it’s own, with 10,500′ feet of elevation change over 35 miles of rocky singletrack. But, ya know, they can’t really close the course so maybe I’ll do it anyway. So let’s see, that’s 460k’s on the bike, along with 35 miles of trail running with 10,500′ of elevation change. How about rounding it up to 46,000′ of elevation change? That’s a cool 35,500 on the bike. I’ve done that much in a day; twice even. Course, both those days and I could hardly move when I was finished but what the hell? Isn’t endurance suppose to increase as you age? Anyway, I rode three of our six canyons last weekend with Dustin (in prep for his challenge) and faired pretty well. That’s a good 10,000′ or so of climbing. Speaking of which, don’t I need some in my challenge? Hmmm, starting to exceed what’s possible in 24hrs for anyone. Maybe 46 hours. Then I could probably throw in 46 routes. Course, I haven’t climbed much this year and the most pitches I’ve probably done in a day is 10. But, anyway, that’s why I announce it in advance; so I can train. That’s the FUN part!

So I’ve got something brewin’, and it ain’t gonna be easy. I’d better find some time for some long days and find out what kind of fitness all this randomness has given me.

Guess I’ll go and ice now…

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