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Tired Of All The Possibilities Of It All!

Tired Of All The Possibilities Of It All!

Lay off Dicky, I’m tired.” Says protagonist Hayden K. Lorry in Icarus Descending, a lost-but-not-forgotten-cult-non-classic neo-noir spoof/homage/send-up that was written and directed by Todd Mei (aka Fred C. Dobbs) and yours truly, which just had its 20-ish-year anniversary reunion.

I’m tired too,” replies Dicky, acquiescing, before switching modes, getting into Lorry’s face and ranting, “tired of all the possibilities of it all!

Well, I’m tired too. Last night I woke up at some point, staggered out of bed, and had no idea where I was. It wasn’t until I noticed Finnegan on the floor when I almost stepped on him that concluded I was home. This morning, still in a fog that two double espressos, black as midnight on a moonless night and so thick you could cut it with a knife, can’t seem to penetrate, Dicky’s voice is keeping me going. There’s too much going on to relax.

If your get my gist; things are busy. It’s going to affect this site. Hopefully, in a positive way. Beachbody is finally getting a proper blog. Development is in its latter stage and deployment is imminent.   It will replace our current newsletter (the one I was once sole author of and have been working on for 13 years), where the new format will allow us to tailor content towards more individuals. That means a lot of what I write here will now be written for that blog. This site will then become more personal, and I think more fun. Probably a bit nerdier, since those who seek it out tend want more scientific advice. And, hopefully, funnier as well.

Beyond that, my friends Spenser and Vicki have begun a birthday challenge series for Epic TV. As chief chronicler of birthday challenge lore, we’ll be picking up coverage (that I’ve let flag in recent years) on that front. Birthday challenges have even started at Beachbody, with Shaun T getting into the action last year. This should be cool. And, of course, I’m going to have to partake. Training for my fall challenge officially kicks off today.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.35.45 AM

But I’m tired. Tired of all the possibilities. Can enthusiasm alone keep me going? Or, as Dicky warns, will I get seduced by a vamp.  “I know that tune. You sing it from a soapbox and your finish it from a coffin.”

As you may have surmised from this brain-addled drivel, “you know I can’t think straight on an empty belly.”


Joseph, get him a cup of Good Morning America. Scratch that. Get us all a cup of Good Morning America. And some fritters. It’s going to be a real humdinger.



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