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Tony Kornheiser: Douche Bag Of The Year

Some ESPN sportscaster advocated running over cyclists last week, earning the wrath of millions of bike riders, including Lance Armstrong who Tweeted “Listening to Tony Kornheiser’s comments/rant on ESPN radio re: cyclists. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot.” The only reason I’d heard of this dude prior was a month or so ago when got suspended for critiquing the wardrobe of female colleague, Hannah Storm, for essentially being too fashionable for someone her age. In the space of a month he’s offended everyone who rides a bike, women who care about their appearance, and anyone who holds human life is any sort of regard. Impressive, but he wasn’t finished.

When challenged on the above show, he also managed to throw self-propelled commuters and Nordic skiers under the bus with them,

“And they all, my God, with their water bottles in the back, and their stupid hats, and their shiny shorts, they’re the same kind of disgusting posers that in a snowstorm come out with cross-country skis on your block,” Kornheiser said. “Run them down.”

And before we’ve hit the spring equinox. I’ve got to think the Douche Bag of the Year title is wrapped up. And if ESPN doesn’t can the guy and he manages to stay out of jail (which won’t be a problem in some states) it seems like he’ll be shoo-in for Douche Bag of the Century before it’s officially summer.

He may not get the chance, however, and we have some say in the matter. As most cyclists’ know, the Texan can be a formidable enemy. Armstrong urged his 2.5 million Tweetees to contact Kornheiser’s bosses on both the radio and Pardon the Interruption to register their complaints. “Not happy about Kornheiser’s comments? Let them know @ESPNRadio980, @ptishow, and here,” said Armstrong via Twitter.

I’m just spreading some democratic love.

PS – For some good old fashioned ranting check the comment thread over at the Drunk Cyclist. You’ll also find some good commentary and helpful ways to register your complaint.


  • One of my favs at DC:The saddest part about this is that Tony’s target audience puts on official replica jerseys to watch football, yet he still uses the word “posers” to describe people who are actually out doing things.

  • Pretending for a minute that he doesn't really want to run over cyclists, I thought this was actually funny.

  • Here is the problem:If he was making a clever joke about shooting people who idled in their SUVs because it would ease the carbon footprint on the earth or relacng pigs with obese children for BBQ in the south as a solution for childhood obesity, would that be funny?Perhaps, if he phrased it right, but that is fodder for a comedy club (where the audience is expecting audacity and free to respond) and not a national sports show. You let this kind of shit slide and where does it end? As someone pointed out on the DC comments, "Yes, it is a hate crime. No different from: 'go out and get ya a nigger.'"

  • Every time I hear Kornholer talk about sports I think of this

  • That's pretty damn funny.

  • Uh, wow. I'm looking forward to hearing about this guy losing his job.

  • 5 minutes ago – never heard of him. I'll bet it's the same for about another 2.25 million of Lances 'tweeters', and likely most everyone who's ever read The Straight Dope. He got exactly what he wanted, because, whether you like it or not, the old adage applies…there is no such thing as bad publicity. In the highly unlikely event he loses his job, what are the odds his next contract will be smaller $$$ than his current one? Absolutely zero.

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