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The Toughest Race, In The World’s Most Beautiful Place

The Toughest Race, In The World’s Most Beautiful Place

Il Grande Giro!

Man, I love the Giro d’Itatia!

“The world’s most beautiful bike race” has kicked off, again, so for this week’s Psyche here are some cool vids and how to watch it. Since the retirement of one, disgraced, Texan, the US is a bit pathetic when it comes to promoting bike racing, even though we have a stronger cycling scene than ever before. The rest of the world, not so much. Thanks to both Cyclingfans and SteephillTV, it’s easy to catch all of the Giro action live.

For those of you in the dark, the Giro is one of three Grand Tours in bike racing. The others being Spain and, of course, France. Historically, France is the biggest, and hardest, but both the racing and the par courses have been better in both Italy and France in recent years. In many ways, Italy’s the coolest because it happens in spring, has like a bajillion feet of climbing, and almost always has to deal with snow in the alps and Dolomiti, making for epic racing.

This year’s edition began yesterday, in Ireland, and we’ve already lost one of the favorites (an Irish one, at that). Here are the highlights. Here’s a preview of the top 10 race favorites, and here’s a really cool (if a tad over dramatic–but c’mon, it’s Italian) short on the race’s history.

For those of you in need of motivation for your own training, I often find the Giro perfectly positioned as a get ready for summer challenge. I’ve concocted many virtual Giros over the years, from using the three week format as a template for my own training, to simply mimicking the race and riding myself into shape during it. Here are some ideas.

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