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Tour of Utah Comes of Age

Tour of Utah Comes of Age

A few years back I proposed a proposed route to the Tour of Utah organizers in a post titled An Open Letter to the Tour of Utah.


Today that vision is happening as the Tour of Utah becomes, for the first time, a major point to point stage race on the world cycling calendar. Check out this page to watch it live. The rest of the site does a great job educating you about the race. It will be worth watching for the scenery alone.


I wasn’t the only one with this idea and had nothing to do with it, as far as I know. As stated in the original post I’d discussed the idea with the founder of the race back in its infancy and, certainly, I’m not the only one to log a lot of bike miles in one of the coolest geographic regions on the planet. But I know the organizers saw my post, and this year’s route follows it uncannily close. At least enough for me to take heart that grass roots campaigning still has a place in our corporate-run “democracy”. And that’s pretty cool.

Mainly I’m just psyched to see the ToU finally showcasing the great state of Utah. Now all they need to do is move it to the spring following Tour of California, to make it a major Tour de France training block for TdF hopefuls–an idea I have it on good authority is going to make it to the next board meeting. Go Utah!


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