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Train With Steve Edwards In The South Of France

Want to train with me in an idyllic setting? My friends Bruce and Alisa, avid outdoor athletes and professional guides who hold summer retreats near their home in France, have asked me to lead a week of adventure and fitness, focused on training for outdoor sports. More than just getting a lot of exercise, I’ll be conducting daily seminars based on the interests of the group, we’ll be experiencing the local culture, the food will be gourmet (since eating is like their religion) and simply having a lot of fun (since fun is like my religion). If you’ve ever wondered what doing one of my crazy adventures might be like, here’s your chance to find out; all in a region of the world that’s not so unlike Camelot. Click the links below to learn more and hope to see you in France!

From Raison d’Art:

September 10-17th, 2011

Want to take your fitness to the next level? Raison d’Art is excited to announce a week of cycling, climbing, trail running, hiking and training in beautiful southern France with renowned outdoor athlete and fitness trainer Steve Edwards!

During this action-filled week you’ll not only get in fantastic shape, you’ll also learn the keys to fitness and nutrition to keep your body aging gracefully from Beachbody’s head of fitness and nutrition development, the company behind P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, and many other life-changing exercise programs.

Though Steve designs home fitness programs his passion is outdoor sports. He’s an expert rock climber and guide, bike racer, adventure racer, ultra marathoner and currently training for the Duathlon World Championships. His own personal mega-endurance events and birthday challenges, are a thing of legend. During your stay you’ll not only learn how to eat and stay in shape, but how you can fit an adventure sports lifestyle into your hectic life. Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge to live your life to its fullest!

Click here for a slide show showing some of the area from a trip we took during the spring.

The Retreat
To see a bit more about what you’ll be getting into, check out the Raison d’Art web site here. Make sure and check out the entire site, especially the gallery.

Your Hosts
Here is a great story about your Alisa and Bruce. If this resonates with you as it does me, I guarantee you’re going to have a fantastic time.

The Region
This area of France is one of my favorite places on the planet. It’s probably a lot like the Province region was before it became trendy. Check out the town where Bruce and Alisa live by clicking here. And as great as it is, my favorite thing about this area is not the beauty or the history, but the local vibe. Nothing about the place gives the impression that you’re in a tourist region and, in fact, you really aren’t (at least not yet).

The Cost
When I heard how inexpensively we could pull this off I said that it was a great deal even without the retreat! Again, this isn’t Paris or the Côte d’azur where prices have been inflated to accommodate the world’s hoi polloi. It’s provincial France, where life is lived as it should be: slow, relaxed, friendly, local, and priced to keep it that way.

Click here to join us!

And btw, sorry about the Bob Dole-esque third person reference in the title. It’s apparently better for the interweb.


  • Does the price include all you can drink bordeaux and pastis, and all you can smoke Gauloises?

  • As a sponsor of this event I say Gitanes for all! They always helped me expand my lung.

  • Does the cost come down if we kill our own meat? I mean, there's a stag hunt involved, right?I take my massage at 3pm sharp. Not a minute after.Nap at 4.Cocktails at 6:30.Let me know if you can accommodate, and I'll have my girl look at the calendar.

  • Since it's France the answer must be yes to all of the above: massage, sieta, aperatif and wine is a ritual. Except hunting. I mean, the meat will be local but in France there's are rules about taking other people's jobs. But if the group decides to hunt well, then, yes for that, too. But then we might get Ted Nugent to lead the workouts instead of me.

  • I know this doesn't cost that much, but I don't think I could swing it. Could one of you win the lottery quickly so we can go? Levi would love it and walking through the region would be good pregnancy exercise for Amber.

  • Out of all the places you could pick for training with you, you pick (mind my language) fucking france? lol Mind me for asking, but how many different countries have you been to?

  • I didn't pick it. B & A did, which just happened to work well, time wise, since I'll have World's in Spain coming up in a week anyway. If it's popular maybe we'll try and do something in the states. Not sure how many countries I've been to but I haven't been to Africa or S. America at all, so I'm still missing many.

  • That's pretty funny InsaneXer. How many countries have you been to? Why don't you like France? Have you been there, or is it something along political lines and "Freedom Fries"?

  • Sounds like a fantastic trip, but the timing doesn't look good. Perhaps I can frame it as a sabbatical.

  • It's interesting to see the places you visit. Did you Germany and visit Action Directe?

  • Hey Steve! It's Marvin Towler, we met at Summit. We had a rather lengthy conversation along with Marcus. The trip looks like its going to be a blast!

  • Hey Marvin,Hey, man, was great talking with you! It will be fun, for certain. No matter what the agenda is with me if it has to do with exercise, especially if it's outside, it tends to be fun.

  • Insane,Oddly enough, of all the hardest routes in the world that is one I've been on. Saying I tried it would be too strong a term but I did touch the holds and do some of the moves.

  • Hi Steve! It's JoAnn Cheung from Hawaii. We met at Summit and talked about biking up Mauna Kea. Okay, you talked about doing that not me. ;)This adventure in France looks amazing! Perfect scenery, great culture and fantastic athletic hosts… who could ask for more? Wow!

  • Wow. would luv 2 come…timing is everything. pls. let's us know about future trips. Went to the site, read Alisa's story. Very inspiring…living your life to refect who you really are.

  • JoAnn,Come on over to France and I'll then come to Hawaii and lead a group ride up Mauna Kea, at least for as far as you want to go.

  • I'll be there! Plus at least one other friend, maybe even three! Sounds awesome! Alisa is a fellow Michigander so you're going to have a strong midwestern influence on this one – it'll be a blast! See you there!

  • Outstanding! Bring em all. It'll be fantastic!

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