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November 16, 2007 posted by

Training For My Birthday Challenge

Okay, so I’ve been logging my training in WOWY for all to see and just found out that there’s no way to let you see it. So it’s going to be here from now on. Since I only announced the challenge two weeks ago it’s not like there was some big scientific process. I put the challenge out there, hope I have the requisite base training, and have since concentrated on building up the necessary skin thickness, eating habits, engram patterns, and strategy to see me through.

Three weeks isn’t long enough to truly train for something. All you can do is fine tune what you’ve got. For a 24 hour endeavor, this leaves no shortage of things you can do to improve your performance at the last minute. My challenge is chronicled on this page:

2007 Birthday Challenge “My blood must be fully replaced every year”

I realize, however, that the banter over there may be a bit more esoteric than a wide audience can tolerate. Therefore, I’m going to use this blog for MDB members as we, too, can talk in a unique language about such things as WOWY, the X, bringin’ it, and so forth.

To recap, here is what I have planned, thought there still can be a bit of juggling, adding rules, etc.

In 24 hours, on or around November 24th, I’ll attempt to:

On sight 47 rock climbs
On sight 47 miles of “advanced” single track on my single speed
Ride 47 miles on my fixie
Run 47 kilometers (about 30 miles) on trails


Get 470 people to WOWY with me during the challenge!

Over the last two weeks my training sessions have been between 1 and 9 hours, with 3-4 being about average. In P90X, we talk about how you can’t really train efficiently for over about an hour. This is true. However, I’m not training for general conditioning but to attempt to complete 24 straight hours of exercise. In this case, longer training is essential.

That’s all for today. Each day I’ll write a bit more about the what and why on training for endurance vs training for general body conditioning.

Until next time, keep pushing play and WOWY!

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