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Training For Your Goals

Training For Your Goals

For your weekend Psyche, here’s a very cool video on training for your goals, featuring climber Emily Harrington who plans to go huge in 2015. If you’re a regular, you’ve no doubt noticed some similarity to how I set up my years, so little surprise that I find this cool, but I absolutely love putting big objectives on the calendar and planning your training around them. If those are things you’d really like to do, it makes it very hard to life to get boring.

With my year derailed from truly epic stuff, it’s inspiring to see someone’s who isn’t. Far, far, from it. Harrington’s year is almost “no chance” crazy in its ambition but, as Jack Burton always says, “you never know ’til you try.”  The point of these things isn’t necessarily success, but a life experience. As long as you believe in yourself, and will make the commitment to keep pushing, what happens on the flip side doesn’t really matter.

Technically, she has already failed. She missed qualifying for the finals at Nats by one hold. While she’s no doubt bummed, that’s an inspired effort against a field of kids who more or less only train for climbing competitions. As a true mountain athlete, which is her ultimate aim,  it’s the outside tests between her and nature that matter most. Redpointing 5.14, freeing 5.13 on El Cap, and climbing an 8,000 meter peak, sans oxygen, will no doubt erase any notion of that.

To the journey.


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