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Training Hard Enough?

I am clearly not but this will help. Happy Friday

Eisprinz – Chapter one (with Markus Bendler) from Berni Kogler on Vimeo.


  • See Renzo, this is what I'm talking about, a back story.Much better vid than yesterday.

  • ehhmm.

  • unreal vid, one arm pull-ups, really?!

  • Lots of one-armed pull-up, off axes no less. His front levers don't totally suck either.

  • None of those "push-ups" count. Plus, I bet he can't jump out of a trashcan.

  • I would like to see more of Steph's boobs please. Enough with the dudes.

  • hear hear. more boobs. less sausage.-Hawk

  • Steve I check the 'dope' on the regular because of posts like this that you can't get anywhere else. This one might be as good as Friday night arms, keep up the good work!P90x, Insanity X2 grad

  • Thanks Steve! Once again I feel inadequate after reading your blog. Oh well, on to Chest, Back and balance in the morning!

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