October 8, 2006 posted by

Training in Utah

Just a couple of average things you see while training here. One’s my cyclocross rig in front of “This is the place” state park, the site where Brigham uttered those famous words on their pilgramage west. The other is, ya know, a moose. He was just kickin’ it at the top of “Little Mountain”, which is what everyone calls the pass at the summit of Emigration Canyon. I noticed a few cyclists and some tourists all standing around but, this being sorta normal, didn’t give it a thought until I stopped my bike about 10′ from a moose. This started both of us, a bit, and he sauntered off. I wasn’t quick enough with my camera phone or you would have seen antlers n’ stuff. Anyway, there’s more where he came from. This is my second moose siting in less than a month. They’re cool, just so long as you don’t piss ’em off. Then you find out why they have no natural predators. For this reason I decided that just because I was the only person around on a bike with knobby tires wasn’t reason enough to warrent following him in hopes of getting a better shot.

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